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Practice as Research - Transmigration and Performance

Extended Vocal Art – Site Specific Performance

Asian and Pacific Performance Research and Training


3rd Hawaiian Arts Festival, Paris
22 June - 2 July 18

International Halau meeting in Paris / Internationales Halau-Treffen in Paris
Hula Makahikina is participating; wir werden dort sein.

Berlin, Hula 'Ōlapa Training alle Stufen

Forschungsveröffentlichung zum Hula 'Olapa/ Book Release:

Lilleike, Monika (2016): Hawaiian Hula 'Olapa, Embodied Stylization, Percussion, and chanted Oral Tradtion, Bielefeld: transcript.
More information:
Available in print and E-Book at transcript Interantional Academic Publishing and Amazon.

Keywords: Practice as Research, Embodied Knowledge, Embodiment, Stylization, Multi-Sensory Experience, Oral Tradition, Aesthetics, Postcolonial Studies