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From Where you have to go East to get to ‚the West’ – Eurozentrismus Desorientieren

Wiederaufnahme geplant für den 8.-11.07.21
Partizipative Performance Installation
mit Sandra Chatterjee und Monika Lilleike
15 und 16.6.2019,
Kösk München
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produced by Chakkars - Moving Interventions on facebook

Trainingprogramm: Halau Hula Makahikina - Center of Hawaiian Performing Arts Berlin

Publications/ Forschungsveröffentlichung zum Hula 'Olapa und weitere Veröffentlichungen

Skinstory - Migratory Experiences and the Transformational Power of Performative Means of Expression

published in:

African Somaesthetics: Cultures, Feminisms, Politics, Catherine F. Botha ed., Leiden: Brill, 23 November 2020

Lilleike, Monika (2016): Hawaiian Hula 'Olapa, Embodied Stylization, Percussion, and chanted Oral Poetry, Bielefeld: transcript.
More information:
Available in print and E-Book at transcript Interantional Academic Publishing and Amazon

Keywords: Practice as Research, Embodied Knowledge, Embodiment, Stylization, Multi-Sensory Experience, Oral Tradition, Aesthetics, Postcolonial Studies, Migration