Artist Statement

Dr. Monika Lilleike concentrates in her experimental performance work on a multi-facetted interplay between voice and stylized body movement.

Departing from realism, she varies in her performance work between grades of abstraction. Fragmented use of figuration and a constant metamorphosis of emotional states, modes of characterization and vocal figures in motion make her work seem like concrete poetry.

Her work is based on fusing elements drawn from classical Chinese, Japanese and Hawaiian performing arts and concepts related to European avant-garde such as Dadaism, Body Art, Minimalism.

Lilleike follows a combined method of pre-structured performance scores, based on thematic or conceptual motives and the strategy of instant creation. The approach of "creative flow" in performance stresses the process of shaping the life-situation, taking into account momentary relations among performers, musicians, the audience, and the condition of the performance environment.

Among developing her own solo performances she has worked as a vocalist and performer in collaboration with musicians, dancers, video and fine artists participating in several experimental projects geared towards the development of contemporary music-theatre, music-performances and site-specific performance art.

Lilleike has been giving lecture-demonstrations and workshops on Japanese Noh-Theatre, Hula 'Olapa and cross-cultural Performance at University of the Arts, UdK Berlin; Free University of Berlin, Mime Centre, Berlin. She recently gave a Master Class on experimental performance at the Estonian Music and Theatre Academy, EAMT Tallinn.

Foto: Stefan Zintel