Hawaiian Hula 'Olapa

15 years of Halau Hula Makahikina Berlin - Center of Hawaiian Performing Arts

Dr. Monika Lilleike, kumu hula/master teacher of hula, is head of Halau Hula Makahikina, Center of Hawaiian Performing Arts in Berlin, which encompasses a Hula School and an Ensemble of trained Hula Performers.
The Training follows Hawaiian prinicples based on oral performance tradition and halau protocol.
Training ties into the halau kineage and teachings of kumu hula John Keola Lake, O'ahu/Hawaii.

Please check the following web-site for Hula 'Olapa Training in Berlin:


Forschungsveröffentlichung zum Hula 'Olapa

Lilleike, Monika (2016): Hawaiian Hula 'Olapa, Embodied Stylization, Percussion, and chanted Oral Tradtion, Bielefeld: transcript.
More information: www.transcript-verlag.de
Available in print and E-Book at transcript Interantional Academic Publishing and Amazon.
Keywords: Practice as Research, Embodied Knowledge, Embodiment, Stylization, Multi-Sensory Experience, Oral Tradition, Aesthetics, Postcolonial Studies